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Gourmet Flavourings from Back Bay

Imitation Butter Flavouring

Back Bay Imitation Butter Flavouring adds rich
butter taste to your recipes without the higher price of butter. 7oz. bottles.

Imitation Coconut Flavouring

Our Imitation Coconut Flavouring is rich with strong coconut flavor and aroma. Excellent in desserts, or add a drop to chutney for extra flavor. 7oz. bottles.

Imitation Maple Flavouring

Back Bay's Imitation Maple Flavouring is great for ice cream, frosting or your own homemade syrup. Mix a little in muffin or pancake batter. 7 oz. bottles.

Imitation Pineapple Flavouring

Our Imitation Pineapple Flavoring supplies pineapple sweetness to fruit salads, cakes, frostings, meat marinades or glazes (especially ham) and fruit drinks. 7oz. bottles.

Imitation Rum Flavouring

Rich and full flavored, Back Bay's Imitation Rum Flavouring makes a wonderful addition to frostings, cakes, rolls, truffles or puddings. Sold in 7oz. bottles.

Imitation Strawberry Flavouring

Our Imitation Strawberry Flavouring imparts strong strawberry flavor in any recipe. Makes your strawberry pie recipe even better, and improves winter strawberries that lack flavor. 7oz. bottles.