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Natural Extracts from Back Bay

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Natural Almond Flavouring

The rich almond flavor found in Back Bay's Natural Almond Flavouring is subtle and refined. For best results, always mix extract separately with eggs or butter to encapsulate flavor and protect it from the heat of baking. 7 oz. bottles.

Natural Banana Flavouring

Great in milkshakes, pudding or ice cream, Back Bay's Natural Banana Flavouring adds rich banana flavor. Try a few drops in a carton of vanilla yogurt. 7 oz. bottles.

Natural Lemon Flavouring

Back Bay's Natural Lemon Flavouring imparts an intense lemon flavor to any recipe. Delicious in meat, fish and vegetable dishes or pastries, dessert fillings and frostings. 7 oz. bottles.

Natural Vanilla Flavouring

We start with the best of premium quality vanilla beans from Madagascar. Carefully, we blend these with other natural flavouring and ingredients to strengthen and complement their rich, creamy, sweet caramel flavour. 7oz. bottles.

Pure Vanilla Extract

100% pure bourbon vanilla extract is your answer when you want only the finest, natural ingredients for your recipes. Extracted from the finest vanilla beans in a time-consuming process, you'll find our pure vanilla extract to be the finest available anywhere! Available in 7oz. or 16oz. bottles.